What Our Graduates Are Saying

This is the place where my wife and I get to achieve breakthroughs in our relationship

Albert Lee (Singapore’s Leading Test & Measurement Specialist)

We had issues between my mum and wife and we didn’t know how to resolve it. We could only complain to each other and this really caused strains in our relationships. When I came to MiracleLife and got my wife to attend as well... We found a common language between us and started to communicate to work out the issues. I found our relationships improved and we really started to enjoy our relationships better. I think to start communicating with each other in a more empowering way is already our return of investment, or maybe even something money can’t buy! I will strongly recommend MiracleLife courses!

I wish I knew about this training before, as I am experiencing so much more love & intimacy.

Subhransu Behera (Author)

Attending MiracleLife has helped me to know a lot about me and what I truly want in my life. Before attending Creating Your Miracles (CYM) program at MiracleLife - I was upset most of the time, had lesser time for my family, was getting irritated for small things, had fear to lose (all my money) in my business if it doesn't succeed, was using a guided meditation app to help me reduce stress, be more aware. Meditation app, self-help books, and many other methods that I tried help but not to the level that I experienced at MiracleLife. After going through CYM - I can connect with people better, strengthen my relationship with my loved ones, and experience miracles one after another everyday. I am grateful to MiracleLife and the committed trainers & all angel mentors, and all my team-mates who are more like my family now. I know my life now is never going to be the same for me as it was before CYM. I wish I knew about this training before, as I am experiencing so much more now.

MiracleLife has helped me to confront myself and search for answers on my own.

Serene Seah (MDRT, Financial Consultant with ManuLife)

Creating Your Miracles has shifted my mindset, equipped me with tools to better manage my emotions and allowed me to break free from limiting thoughts that were crippling me! I have never allowed myself to be a better me, a happier me and for 23 years. I buried my pains deep inside thinking it would get better and if at best be forgotten. All that never happened until during this training when I was forced to deal with uncomfortable and painful thoughts to find myself. You will think you know better BUT you don't. Experience the way like what I did and you be shocked by what you will find!