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Ever Felt That No Matter What You Do to Change Yourself, Nothing Seems To Work?

What If There Is A Simple-to-Apply Method Which Can Heal Your Emotional Wounds, Gain Unshakeable Clarity and Uncover Your Life’s True Purpose ... 

What Would That Mean For You?

What Others Have Experienced in Ultimate Transformation

I even managed to find out what's my life mission after searching myself for 10 years!

Lucas Lim

Before Miraclelife, I had no idea why I was unable to love my mum, why I was always angry and triggered when she opened her mouth. Through the processes that they have taught me, they allowed me to truly be aware of my feelings and begin to resolve them. I believe everyone is going through their own pain, their own struggles as well as happiness throughout your life. Miraclelife has given me such tools that I can use for my relationships and has enabled me to resolve the emotions with me and my mother and I can happily say I love her! I have also managed to discover my own deep limiting fears that I had no idea existed, and am working it out. I even managed to find out what's my life mission after searching myself for 10 years! Thank you MiracleLife Team!

This is where I had my biggest breakthrough and realization of me needing my parents validation since young!

Stephanie Poon

MiracleLife is where I had the most touching moment of my life. This is where I had my biggest breakthrough and realization of me needing my parents validation since young. I believe that the love and attention of our parents are although crucial, what's most important is the love we have for ourselves, and then only we are able to have the capacity to give love and receive love. Through my realization, I found the self love which I needed to show myself first before giving it to others! Thank you MiracleLife for this transformation!!

From feeling like a useless garbage to now being able to smile again!

Michael Goh

Before I joined the Virtual UT program, I was a very heartbroken man. My darling wife left me when I was at the slums of my career. I felt like an abandon crippled puppy. A piece of useless garbage thrown into the dumpster. After joining the Virtual UT program and going through certain processes, I can now wear a smile again after finding the root cause of my problem. I am born anew and ready to face the world and maybe even woo her back into my arms again. Thank you Miracle Life from the bottom of my heart.

Introducing Ultimate Transformation 2.0 Virtual Training

Ultimate Transformation 2.0 Virtual Training is an advanced virtual programme that will empower you to master Miranda Hung’s MIRACLE Method.

Applying the signature online processes will potentially empower you to create breakthrough results in all areas that are important to you - such as living a life of financial freedom, emotional fulfilment and loving intimate relationships.

The MIRACLE Method is proven, transferrable and sustainable. Transformations and breakthroughs are REAL as long as you keep on applying what you have learnt daily and be part of the MiracleLife's community in our monthly coaching sessions (if you have enrolled in it). 

In this virtual training, you’ll go through phenomenal processes that allow you to discover what your heart and soul are calling you to do, your passion and life mission.

There will be clarity of your life direction. You’ll live your own true life! You’ll uncover and eradicate your deeply hidden destructive thoughts & emotional patterns.

With these processes, your negative emotional bonds (these are very real chains of disempowerment) will have a chance to be released and healed… and you will never feel the same negative emotions again for the same issues or trauma in your life. As a result, you will experience more happiness and abundance.

You will be able to apply Miranda’s signature healing process on yourself whenever disturbing emotions surface in your life. You will have the power to free yourself emotionally on your own.

With Ultimate Transformation Virtual Training, you are just ONE BREAKTHROUGH AWAY from living your ULTIMATE LIFE.

Here Is How Ultimate Transformation 2.0 Virtual Training Works For You:

UT 2.0 Virtual Training Intensive (SGD$6,995 Value)

>> Proven Processes to Release your deep-seated damaging emotions and thoughts, so you can Relate to yourself, Restore relationships and your health, and Reinvent your life!

Course curriculum

    1. Introducing Ultimate Transformation (UT) Virtual Training

    2. MUST PREPARE before you watch the videos in this Virtual Training

    3. The Shadow Effect

    1. Part 1 - Introduction

    2. Part 2 - How Acceptance Can Bring About Transformation

    1. Part 1 - How Habits Can be Changed Easily When You Start to Heal Your Emotional Wounds

    2. Part 2 - Our EGO Games and How They Can Affect Our Life

    1. Part 1 - Alignment Leads to Acceleration

    2. Part 2 - Implementation of the Process of Awareness

    3. Part 3 - Continuation of the Implementation of the Process of Awareness

    1. Part 1 - A Healing Process to process your emotion of "I'm Not Good Enough"

    2. Part 2 - Identify the kind of "ugliness" you have been rejecting

    3. Part 3 - Process of Awareness on Your "Ugliness"

    4. Part 4 - The Importance of Finding Your Identity

    5. Part 5 - Process of Awareness on Resolving a Challenge You Have With Someone and Forgive the person

    1. Part 1 - How Stuck Energy can be Released through Body Movements

    2. Part 2 - Process of Awareness on Your Body Symptoms

    3. Part 3 - Elements That Can Cause for A Change

    4. Part 4 - Process of Awareness In Relation to Your Parents and When You Were at Birth

    5. Part 5 - How Unprocessed Emotions & Thoughts Can Affect Your Results in Life

    6. Part 6 - The Importance of Influencing People without Influencing

About this course

  • $6,995.00 / year
  • 28 lessons
  • 49.5 hours of video content

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Total Value: SGD$6,995

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