How These Participants Get Their Ultimate Breakthrough They've Been Waiting For Years!

Ever Felt That No Matter What You Do to Change Yourself, Nothing Seems To Work?

What If There Is A Simple-to-Apply Method Which Can Heal Your Emotional Wounds, Gain Unshakeable Clarity, and Uncover Your Life’s True Purpose, What Would That Mean For You?

What Others Have Experienced in Ultimate Transformation

I even managed to find out what's my life mission after searching myself for 10 years!

Lucas Lim

Before Miraclelife, I had no idea why I was unable to love my mum, why I was always angry and triggered when she opened her mouth. Through the processes that they have taught me, they allowed me to truly be aware of my feelings and begin to resolve them. I believe everyone is going through their own pain, their own struggles as well as happiness throughout your life. Miraclelife has given me such tools that I can use for my relationships and has enabled me to resolve the emotions with me and my mother and I can happily say I love her! I have also managed to discover my own deep limiting fears that I had no idea existed, and am working it out. I even managed to find out what's my life mission after searching myself for 10 years! Thank you MiracleLife Team!

This is where I had my biggest breakthrough and realization of me needing my parents validation since young!

Stephanie Poon

MiracleLife is where I had the most touching moment of my life. This is where I had my biggest breakthrough and realization of me needing my parents validation since young. I believe that the love and attention of our parents are although crucial, what's most important is the love we have for ourselves, and then only we are able to have the capacity to give love and receive love. Through my realization, I found the self love which I needed to show myself first before giving it to others! Thank you MiracleLife for this transformation!!

From feeling like a useless garbage to now being able to smile again!

Michael Goh

Before I joined the Virtual UT program, I was a very heartbroken man. My darling wife left me when I was at the slums of my career. I felt like an abandon crippled puppy. A piece of useless garbage thrown into the dumpster. After joining the Virtual UT program and going through certain processes, I can now wear a smile again after finding the root cause of my problem. I am born anew and ready to face the world and maybe even woo her back into my arms again. Thank you Miracle Life from the bottom of my heart.

Introducing Ultimate Transformation 2.0

Ultimate Transformation is an advanced program that will train you to master Miranda Hung’s MIRACLE Method.

 You will create breakthrough results in all areas that are important to you! Miraculous results such as living a life of financial freedom, emotional fulfillment and loving intimate relationships.

 The MIRACLE Method is proven, transferrable and sustainable. Transformations and breakthroughs are guaranteed, if and only if you implement and practice the processes. The method works virtually on anyone and can enable you to create an entirely different life.

 As part of Ultimate Transformation, you’ll go through phenomenal processes that will help you discover what your heart and soul are calling you to do; your passion and life mission.

 There will be strong clarity of your life direction. You’ll live your own true life! You’ll uncover and eradicate your deeply hidden destructive thoughts & emotional patterns.

 With these processes, any of your negative emotional bonds (which are very real chains) will have a chance to be released and healed… and you will never feel the same negative emotions again for the same issues or trauma in your life.

 It’s exciting because it’s very common that the Ultimate Transformation students experience amazing cathartic emotional breakthroughs.

 You will be able to apply Miranda’s signature healing process on yourself whenever disturbing emotions rise in your life. You will have the power to free yourself emotionally on your own.

 With Ultimate Transformation, you are just ONE BREAKTHROUGH AWAY from living your ULTIMATE LIFE.

Here’s What You’ll Discover in Ultimate Transformation 2.0 Series

  • Discovering your heart-calling dreams and enjoy what you do

  • Generating the kind of money you never thought possible.

  • Do less and achieve more.

  • Turning procrastination into taking massive action with natural & passionate flow of drive and discipline.

  • Increasing your ability to love yourself, to be connected to your heart and spirit; to feel a sense of value and that you are worthy of people’s attention, love and support and that you are able to contribute and make a difference to people’s lives.

  • Experiencing more love and intimacy in your personal relationships and in your professional relationships.

  • Maximizing your capacity to build a life where you can have it all. You are able to unleash that power from within… that has always been there but you probably never recognize it.

  • Experiencing enlightening transformation without conventional therapy, without drugs or invasive procedures and without going through a life that is unfulfilled, full of depression, thoughts of suicide, and inaction.

Here Is How Ultimate Transformation (UT) 2.0 Series Works For You:

UT 2.0 Virtual Training Intensive (SGD$6,995 Value)

>> Proven Processes to Release your deep-seated damaging emotions and thoughts, so you can Relate to yourself, Restore relationships and your health, and Reinvent your life!

UT 6-Day Live In-Person Experiential Training (SGD$8,995 Value)

Life-altering processes that gives you the ability to unblock & release your damaging beliefs; and heal damaging emotions so you can transit from fear to freedom day in day out and stop the pain and unhappy results.

Monthly Live Virtual Group Coaching Sessions (SGD$10,800 Value)

>> Get hand-held support and guidance by Miranda for an entire year (12 x monthly coaching sessions). You can send in questions and you could be chosen to be on the HOT SEAT for coaching and processing.

Here is ONE BONUS That You'll Be Getting For Free ...

If You Take Action To Enroll Yourself Today!

  • Chamber of UT Secrets (SGD$1,995 Value)

    Do It With Miranda all the signature activities and processes in the forms of audios or videos to restore your health, wealth and relationships!

Get Ultimate Transformation 2.0 NOW and Get ONE HUGE Bonus for FREE!

Total Value: SGD$28,785

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